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Austria Motorcycle Tours

10 Day Tour: "Track & Tour" Sachsenring & Italian Alps

Ride Europe like a European Sport Rider does. Fly into the Bavarian party town of Munich Germany. Head south into the Italian Alps on BMW naked bikes and adventure touring bikes. Then north to Sachsenring for 2 days on sport bikes.

Regions: Germany, Austria, Track and Tour

11 Day Tour: Czech Out Brno

This is Cat's wild birthday ride. It's "Scounting" tour, like a scouting tour but with more drinking involved.

Regions: Track and Tour,Germany, Austria, Czech Republic

11 Day Tour: Blu’s Heaven - Italian Alps to Mugello

One mans dream might be yours to. Ride from Munich to the Italian Alps to Mugello for 3 days track riding with Troy Corser. The back over the Alps to Munich. Long days of riding, great food, 3 and 4 star accommodation and probably a few nights of serious drinking. Meant for advanced riders looking for the perfect challenging trip with a lot of laughs.

Regions: Track and Tour,Germany, Austria, Italy

Austria Tips

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