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How is the food?

Published Nov 29th 2015, 9:08pm

What can you say about a country that sells hundreds of Food Tours every year? Italian food has flare, style and high quality, just like their bikes. Breakfasts are light with plenty of espresso, and lunches are simple fare, but dinners are where Italian cuisine shines. During most evenings you are free to sample what you like. Good food, wine and friends is why Italian dinners are never rushed and are usually 3-4 hours. During our ride our tour leader selects dinners in local places to show your taste buds the regional fair.  Spaghetti Alla Carbonara in Rome, Peposo Alla Fornacina in Tuscany and incredible gelato everywhere. Your Welcome and Farewell dinners are always included in the price with some surprises here and there.

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