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BMW S1000XR - Seat Height 33.1"

Published Nov 24th 2015, 7:34pm

S1000XR - These machines are amazing but often rare so it is offered book it early. This BMW is meant to go head to head with the Ducati Multistrada on the sport side of the scale. Yes on long highway stretches the bars vibrate but on Leod Escapes routes it’s mostly about curves. Larger passengers will not be happy with the tiny passenger seat. This bike really is a S1000RR with long legs that is comfortable all day. It should be ridden like a sport bike, including weighting the pegs and hanging off a bit.

There are very limited numbers of this bike available for our Sachsenring & Italian Alps Tour. Switchback in the Dolomites, tearing up Passo Stelvio or sweeping curves in Chianti this machine brings the "sport" to sport touring. It's a fabulous performance upgrade... if you can reserve one early enough. There's even a few available now for our Italian Backroads to Ducati Track Time tour.

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